Swimming pools

Pools and water features

Water, green and fantasy

piscine sardegna

piscine sardegna

In a garden, the vegetation can be reflected on the surface of a pool.
Often adjusted to the context in which they are built, pools respond to complex infrastructure principles. This allows to plan and develop a variety of projects that are based on the architectural style and the landscape that houses them.
By introducing water features, pools become suggestive decorative spaces within a garden. Water is taken care of with sophisticated sewage treatment plants, reducing or eliminating the use of chemicals.

art direction

We elaborate creative solutions and present them so that the client can have a clear picture before starting works.


We oversee the execution of the project, including structural calculations, energy consumption and maintenance.


A pool is not just a hole full of water. Our projects include the development and curation of the surrounding area, services and furniture.

key collection

We provide full service, from development of the initial concept agreed with the clients to the moment when they can finally dive into their pool for the first time.

swimming pool villa sardegna

swimming pool villa sardegna
swimming pool villa sardegna

Whether it’s a pool within a residence or a hotel, a private house or a terrace, we will be able to pitch the right solution based on specific contexts, presenting a range of options and assistance from the outset of the project to key collection.

swimming pool hotels
swimming pool villa
swimming pool contemporary villa
modern swimming pool
modern swimming pool
building swimming pool
swimming pool builder
top swimming pool

Lighting plays a fundamental role in the execution of a project.

We can offer sustainable design LED lights, scenographic disposition of the lighting system both under water and in the surrounding space, and easy maintenance.

top swimming pool
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