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The Art of Landscape Architecture

A passion for nature, turned into more than just a job

Since my early youth, I’ve always felt a deep connection with nature, intimately identifying it with the very concept and definition of beauty. My professional path, which started back in 1990 working for a renowned company in the business, made my ebullience for nature my job. I’ve worked for that very same company for 15 years, holding different positions, until 2005, the year I founded èRocco s.r.l.

The client and their needs at the very core of our firm.

“when designing a garden, our aim is to turn the client’s dreams into reality, curating each step of the development process. Listening to desires to make them harmonious spaces, capable of generating bold emotions. This set of mind allows us to express creativity and research, which both are strong values in our work”

Company Philosophy

We make our philosophy the foundation of any of our projects; a philosophy that constantly motivates us to conceive every garden as private corner of heaven never forgetting that, at the same time, it may contribute to enrich the global ecosystem. The emotions that we live out of this inspire us to offer the maximum dedication and competence, in every aspect of what we do.

rocco giardini sede
rocco giardini sede

Our studio

Our location: this is where our projects come alive, where any design is made unique, from the first jotted pencil sketches to fully developed designs and renderings. Creativity, knowledge of botany and the painstaking care for every detail merge with the 30+ year experience in the business to create a “green jewel” in our clients’ properties.

rocco giardini sede

We’ve been doing this since forever

and we do it well

  • Landscape architectures

  • Green sceneries

  • Conservative restorations

  • Botanical gardens

  • Vegetational reports

  • Pools and water features

  • Theme parks

  • Masterplan and concept

  • Planimetric studies

  • Green project

  • Technical project

  • Supplier coordination

  • Conceptual projects

  • Investor presentations

  • Business plans

  • Construction site management

  • Illumination and fertigation

  • Supplies

Our creative partners and specialists


Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all... good design must primarily serve people.

Thomas J. Watson
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