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  • Architecture Awards BUILD.

    Winner in category "Best Landscape & Exterior Design Company"

    With some pride we inform you that we have been awarded by the "BUILD - Architecture Awards" magazine
    for our works of "Best Landscape & Exterior Design" Southern Europe section


    • Project for the new Dalla Bona Spa headquarters.

      Dalla Bona Spa is an all-Italian company dedicated for seventy years to the production, maturation and marketing of large Italian seasoned cheeses.
      The project for the construction of the new headquarters includes both the part of the greenery and the interiors.


    • This year the construction of the palace of the Government Palace of Ntobo in the city of Bata ends.

      Bata, coastal city of Equatorial Guinea located in the Rio Muni region and capital of the Littoral province, is considered the political capital of the nation.
      The project for the new EQUATORIAL GUINEA GOVERNMENT PALACE in the city of Bata, is a building with a covered area of approximately 5600 m2, consisting of four lateral towers and a central one; the rear towers are five stories, while the front towers are four.
      There are two areas with hanging gardens in which, on their central part, large domes with glass cover stand out which characterize the main entrances. The total extension of the lot is about 8 hectares 80,000 square meters.
      The landscape project did not deal only with the green works but with the inclusion of the driveways and pedestrian paths, those of service.
      A particular study of fountains and water features with detailed architectural and plant design executive projects.
      The equatorial climate was the biggest challenge on the choice of vegetation to use and materials.
      Automatic irrigation systems for the dry period and underground and open-cell drainage for the period of heavy rains.
      We are glad to have collaborated in the realization of this great work; now it is up to the government to work wisely to give dignity to its people.


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